Sunday, April 03, 2011

Migiro amlilia Lusekelo

I have just learned with deep sadness of the passing of a good friend, Adam
Lusekelo. He was an extremely talented journalist and a prolific writer. He
had the ability to tell about the vices of society in a subtle, profound
and yet very humourous way, while touching the lives of ordinary people. I
have been reading Adam's articles since our University years and continued
to do so until very recently in my current responsibilities. Thanks to
another good friend who knew of my passion for Adam's 'light touch' and
ensured I got the articles on a regular basis. I will miss Adam's pen! His
passing is a huge loss to his family and many friends. It's an irreparable
loss to the media fraternity and Tanzania in general. My prayers and
sympathies go to his family in this time of unbearable grief.


Naye mwandishi nguli, Zephania Musendo ametia neno

Comrades, VERY SAD NEWS to say the least. Adam a GREAT writer is gone.
We shall all miss him. I was a keen reader of his column - With A Light Touch. I am going to miss Adam and the LIGHT TOUCH.

May God Allmighty rest his soul in eternal peace,

Zeph Musendo.

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