Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mambo Yaanza Bungeni

The legislators meet in Dodoma from 9th June 2009 for the Budget session. The 16th Session of Parliament is expected to continue up to the end of July.

The Finance Minister, Hon. Mustafa Mkullo,MP is expected to deliver a budget speech on the on Thursday 11th June 2009 and thereafter Members of Parliament will debate on the budget of the next fiscal year.

Each Ministry will in due course present their budget for 2009/10 to the legislators for discussions in House.

Hata hivyo, Taarifa hiyo ya Bunge, haikuweka bayana sababu za kipindi cha mkutano kupunguzwa kutoka miezi mitatu hadi mwezi mmoja na majuma matatu. Kwa Kina soma hapa.

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