Friday, February 29, 2008

Waliyokubaliana, Kibaki na Raila

Key points: Kenya power-sharing deal

  • The post of prime minister will be created, with the holder having the authority to co-ordinate and supervise the execution of government functions.

  • The prime minister will be an elected member of parliament and the parliamentary leader of the largest party in the National Assembly, or of a coalition if the largest party does not command a majority in parliament.

  • Two deputy prime ministers to be appointed, one to be nominated by each member of the coalition.

  • The prime minister and deputy prime ministers can only be removed if the National Assembly passes a motion of no-confidence with a majority vote.

  • A cabinet to consist of a president, vice-president, prime minister, two deputy prime ministers and other ministers.
    The removal of a minister of the coalition will be subject to consultation and agreement in writing by the leaders.

  • The composition of the coalition government will at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance, and reflect the parties' relative parliamentary strengths.

  • The coalition will be dissolved if the current parliament is dissolved; or if the parties agree in writing; or if one coalition partner withdraws from the coalition.

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