Monday, February 18, 2008

JK akinga bakuri; Bush amwaga vyandarua

Jana mjini Arusha Rais Kikwete alielelzea tatizo la malaria nchini kwa Bush, naye hakuwa na ajizi...Endelea.

PRESIDENT KIKWETE: Mr. President, today there are thousands of women and children who would have died from malaria that are alive in Tanzania and all over the country, thanks to your malaria support program. I can give the example of Zanzibar. In 2004, in the outpatient clinic, 500,000 malaria patients were treated; in 2007, only 10,000. (Applause) In 2004 in Zanzibar, 40 percent of the patients tested positive for malaria; in 2007, only 5 percent. (Applause.) When the blood slide is taken, 35 percent tested positive for malaria in 2004; in 2007, only 1 percent. (Applause.).

PRESIDENT BUSH: Today, I'm pleased to announce new steps in the bed net campaign. Within the next six months, the United States and Tanzania, in partnership with the World Bank and the Global Fund, will begin distributing 5.2 million free bed nets. This ambitious nationwide program will provide enough nets to protect every child between the ages of one and five in Tanzania

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